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About Hosstyle™

Billy Murray is not only the CEO but he’s also a member.
Starting 15 years ago as a boxer Billy has a hidden passion for the sport of fighting and training in MMA ever since. Hosstyle was created 12 years ago as a T-shirt company and a lifestyle that lead him into the acting world. With a look that didn’t fit the mold and going to many auditions getting the odd role and a lot of rejection Billy understands the grind and hustle of trying to get noticed. Hosstyle is a place to be seen, connected and promoted for being badass for everything entertainment.

Who is Hosstyle™ Talent

Hosstyle™ is a specific online data base for all things Entertainment allowing your bad ass look to have a platform to be promoted, connected and discovered. Actor, Non-Actor, Musician or Pro athlete the real deal type cast is welcome and now the Entertainment industry has a place to find you.

Why choose Us

The database was developed for film production, casting producers, talent management companies, and photographers to have place to create a client profile or casting can specifically search, and find what they’re looking for. Having all the specific looks in their proper categories to put you on one click away.

Our Services

Hosstyle™ has the coolest, craziest and most badass looking people on the planet ready to be connected with the right people in the Entertainment industry. Talent will have a bio filled profile to showcase their multiple photo uploads along with video and voice uploading space. Hosstyle™ gives talent a chance to be showcased, promoted and seen on all Hosstyle™ social media networks.

Getting paid

Negotiated jobs and pay are exclusively conducted between talent and agents. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

We value privacy

Concerned about your personal information getting out? Dont’ be. Privacy is valued here at Hosstyle™ Talent. Only the preferred name will be visible and nothing in your profile is displayed to the public. Again, visit our Privacy Policy page for more details.

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