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Bad Ass Stephen Dorff

Bad Ass Stephen Dorff

Stephen Dorff has made it on the Hosstyle Talent list of most badass actor and men on the planet.

First, let’s back it up a bit and figure out how he made it on the list and stars in one of my all time favourite movies. Stephen Dorff has been around a long time and has been in Hollywood since 1992. Stephen landed his first role in a movie with none other than Morgan Freeman, now how badass is that? Let’s begin in 1998 where Stephen won the MTV & Blockbuster Best Villain award for his work in Blade where he played a crazy badass vampire dude. There was a little crap in 2004 and 2006 where he was a nominee for the Razzie award but probably didn’t give a shit and kept working with the who’s who of Hollywood. You know what they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you more badass”.


In 2008 he stared in one the most kick ass movies Felon playing a loving family man thats kills an intruder breaking into his home and later is fucked by the justice system. Stephen’s portrayal  of a guy who just doesn’t belong inside was so well done while the movie paints an insanely realistic picture on what goes on in prison.


Not only does Stephen Dorff have the swagger, confidence and attitude but he also has a long list of incredible work.  Stephen will be in Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel  Leatherface and for shits and giggles did you know he is credited for the “ugh” on Lenny Kravitz’ song American Women, how freaking badass is that? Stephen Dorff is one badass dude and is Hosstyle™Approved.


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