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Then & Now With Badass Rick Thorne

Then & Now With Badass Rick Thorne

When we are talking about Singers, Action Sports, BMX and Entertainment the name Rick Thorne is very hard not to come up. This guy is on a whole other level and this blog and interview will have you leaving a super fan. When Rick picked up the phone and said “hey”, I quickly realized he’s the real deal and the conversation was going to be a good one. Sure he talked a lot but everything that came out of his mouth was the truth, passionate and real.

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Getting on a BMX was the ultimate freedom of expression for Rick growing up while dealing with family issues. He kept himself occupied mentally and physically by doing countless hours of perfecting his craft and setting up at state fairs and anywhere he could to make a buck. Rick spent years working his ass off bussing tables and riding BMX before making his first two hundred dollars. It’s all the hard work he put in that soon after payed off landing him the better gigs, better money and touring the world with the biggest names and doing the biggest shows. He has traveled the world hosting and doing tours, starring in countless TV shows, movies, videos, magazines and also has interviewed the biggest and most badass people in music, film, and sports.

These days if he’s not waiting 8 hours for a pool to drain Rick has a lot of things to keep him busy with kids, multiple projects on the go, managing his clothing brand( Thorns And Grind) and being the front man in his group Rick Thorne The Band.

IMG_1344Rick’s story should be a wake up call for anyone who thinks shit gets handed to them with no hard work and drive involved.  Rick has come a long way from rags to riches and great success. He has seen the dark side to all of that and wouldn’t wish it on anybody looking to be famous. Rick still resides in LA in a nice little place with his 2 kids, cat and his sanity; and wouldn’t have it any other way. Not planning to slow down anytime soon at 46, with nothing to prove to anybody he is at peace with what he has and who he has become. There are two things Rick Thorne lives by; “You Can’t Fucking Stop Me” and “Stay Rad”.  This dude still has the swagger, confidence and attitude thats earned him the title Mr. Badass and is Hosstyle Approved.


You can find everything you need at his website

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