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Frank Grillo Hollywood’s True BadAss

Frank Grillo Hollywood’s True BadAss

Now! You can not have the only website company on the planet that deals with everything badass and all things entertainment and not talk about this guy, Frank Grillo. Are you shitting me!!!  When Frank was born, badass was invented to suit his lifestyle. Frank is a father, fighter, actor and looks like a day not over 21. You don’t need tattoos and muscles to be labeled badass; it’s Frank’s confidence, swagger and attitude that goes on for days while living life on his terms. He doesn’t take bullshit from anyone and once said in a message to Hosstyle Talent “I live badass”.

If you don’t know about this actor and his long list of insanely kickass work all you have to do is click on this link and you will see his body of work. Frank is having a great 2016 with TV show Kingdom, the role as Crossbones in Captain America’s Civil War, The Purge 3 Election Year (release date July 1st) and with other great projects slated for 2016.

attends the premiere of DIRECTTV's "Kingdom" Season 2 at SilverScreen Theater at the Pacific Design Center on October 6, 2015 in West Hollywood, California.

With the show getting great reviews, Frank’s best role ever is in the TV show Kingdom but maybe I’m just saying that because of my background in boxing and my passion for all things fighting but the show does not disappoint. MMA movies and TV shows I believe they are hard to pull off but when you have a talented cast and a guy like Frank you have the perfect concoction for badassery.

Frank brings a lot to the table as a talented actor, long history of fighting and training with the best in the industry. With badass being the norm these days it’s opened up so many opportunities especially  for fighters. Frank is helping in a major way in this new movement on how outside the box and unique talent are getting  jobs in the industry and earned the title Mr Badass. Hosstyle Talent is looking forward to more work by Frank Grillo and are proud to call him Badass and is now Hosstyle Approved!


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