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We Need Change! Enough Is Enough

We Need Change! Enough Is Enough

Hosstyle Talent is not all about badass shit and entertainment all the time. Since from the beginning Hosstyle was created to make change. It’s a home for difference, change and having things recognized. When I created Hosstyle it allowed me to have a platform that not everybody has a chance to do. I believe as a human being it’s my duty to use this platform  to help voice change in the world.

Since 1999 to 2014 there has been way to many innocent black lives wrongfully taken by Law enforcement with absolutely no justice for their lives. There is something terribly wrong with what’s going on and Americans know it, the world knows it.ac6qxuw3ogsc6chngc5o

To all the parents and families that has lost loved one’s I would like to send positivity, thoughts and prayers to you in this time of injustice . You must know that your voice is being heard and change will happen if we come together.

Killing police is not the answer to help in the fight for change. In doing so, our voices will get lost in the fight.

“Not Guilty” Enough is Enough.

Black Lives Matter

Billy Murray


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