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True American BadAss John Walsh

True American BadAss John Walsh

Usually, when we talk about badass we assume tattoos, muscles and a cigarette hanging out of his or her mouth while driving a motorcycle. However, the type I’m about to talk about is someone you would never see in the same category  but does were a leather jacket from time to time.  He is John Walsh, the man Americans should have running for President. But, John is too busy kicking ass and catching bad guys while being heavily involved in the fight of keeping evil off the streets.

There is something very powerful about John Walsh when watching him on TV. There is a realness and confidence in words and whatever John talks about you just want to listen and help him find the scum he is looking for. John’s work comes from within deep inside and with so much passion it’s hard not to be engaged specially if you have children. He didn’t become badass over night unfortunately, he would have to endure a long journey of pain, sadness and fight to get him to where he is today. 130328-john-walsh1In John’s words in 1981, “I was a hard working dad living the American dream when all that was taken away”  when tragedy struct the Walsh family.  John and his then wife had lost their 7 year old son, Adam to a kidnapping that led to a horrific ending and would change the course of his life making him the badass he is today. Being a father myself, this would be an incomprehensible part of life to go through. I don’t know how but he found the strength and purpose; taking no rest submerging himself into a life of tracking down criminals. His endless pursue to find justice gave him the qualities of a true American Badass.

051003-johnwalshAfter loads of work in front of the US congress to pass bills, launching foundations and speaking out on crime against children John landed his own TV Show “America’s Most Wanted” in 1988 to help missing and exploited children. The show was the longest running crime reality show in Fox’s history helping catch over a thousand fugitives. Unfortunately, the show  was cancelled  and but John carried on like the true badass that he is going on to his new daytime talk show “The John Walsh Show” that ran from 2002-2004. He has continued his crusade, making appearances on CNN and numerous TV specials and talk shows. The guy never stops, he is 24/7 crime fighting and in true John Walsh fashion he started another show called “The Hunt With John Walsh”. 150626171557-the-hunt-with-john-walsh-launch-trailer-00002706-full-169Before we get into this new show, I do have to say there has been a little controversy over some of John’s comments over the years that has landed him in hot water. One that stood out the most was during a summer press tour when he said  insert “Exploding” chips in sex offenders anuses and when they go outside their radius; explode it, that would send a message”. Now That Is Badass!

Now, I would say this is my favourite show by John to date with stories of on going and high profile cases and once again the hunt to bring these fugitives to justice, Loving it.  The show is getting mixed reviews and how does a show trying to track down scum of the earth get bad reviews I will never understand. The show airs Sunday July 12 at 9pm on CNN and John Walsh is at his best.

If a Super Hero were to have is own show it would be called  “John Walsh”. He stands strong in what he believes in and when people sit he stands. He is a real guy with real emotions and not one to shy away from talking about what’s close to his heart and not bad looking for a older guy either. I am a big fan of John’s fight and passion which lands him on my list of badass. He is Mr. Badass and is Hosstyle approved.

John Walsh

A True American Badass


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